Creating Your Ideal Lifestyle

Bringing Joy into your life

Social Determinants of Health Services and coaching

Consulting clients on how to better self-manage their social determinants of health so that they live healthier and more prosperous lives.

Spanish to English Interpretation and Translation services

20 years of experience Interpreting in Hospitals, clinics, social services agencies in Southern NH and Northern MA

Business Consulting Services

Consulting entrepreneurs on how to start or grow a business.

Creating Your Ideal Lifestyle

It is possible for you to live your life full of joy every day. That happens when you are living your ideal lifestyle. You can create your own ideal lifestyle by learning how to use our philosophy.

Life happens, as they say, and we can become sad, depressed, and eventually chronically depressed. That is when we fall into a vicious cycle of symptoms, and our lives become very unhealthy and unhappy. Luckily, we can break that cycle with CHW4EVER’s Wheel Of Life Philosophy above.

“Learning how to use Rafael’s wheel of life philosophy enabled to create my ideal lifestyle. I was able to accomplish the three main goals in my life: I developed a better relationship with daughters, got a new apartment, and a new job.”


“Rafael helped me and my husband re-instate our SNAP(Food Stamps), and helped us obtain Emergency Rental Assistance(ERA), then he helped us get a ERA renewal 3 months later.”

P. H.

“I want to thank Rafael Calderon for helping me find a job that I love as a companion caregiver. I am now working doing something I love, and making more money than I was making at a job that I did not like.

K. C.